This is My Story

Bebi Zekirovski

The Exhibition

“This is my story” its a selection of pictures taken at the Rohingyan refugee camp in Bangladesh and their daily life struggles. Living life with minimum resources but showing strong will and kindness. The photos are captions of moments showing strong will, fate, and unity which gave ma strong motivation while working with them, and it changed my perspective towards life.

The Photographer

Bebi Zekirovski, born in Bitola, the Republic of Macedonia in 1978. He moved to Sydney, Australia in 2004 where he continued his career as a photographer and cinematographer. The passion for storytelling is reflected throughout the photographs that he takes.

“My aim is to capture a story in every image that I take, – Like they say One photo, a thousand words. I have had the opportunity to travel around Australian and the world to capture great stories of different cultures, and people in different situations and share them with the world”


Seminars & Talks

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