Refraction of Fashion

Rafal Makieta

A retrospective of underwater fashion photography images by Rafal who has a speciality as a creative: not only is he an underwater photographer or a fashion photographer, but he specialises in underwater fashion photography.

Rafal Says “The underwater world is something mysterious and magical. Everything is different, there is no defined end to the bottom or top. Gravity law almost does not apply, the light propagates differently, sometimes completely unpredictable. Here, almost everything you dream is possible. Each vision and the idea is feasible”.

The water surface can be used as a mirror and the movements of an underwater model are free. Artistic realisations are infinite, as the water moves the model’s hair and clothing freely, creating a dreamy scene. Surrealistic images be created and more complex scenes with furniture, accessories and props in the water, contribute to an otherworldly feel.