Richard LeManz

The new term, “Philography” is composed of “philo” as in the word philosophy and “graphy” as in the word photography and was coined by a local journalist to refer to the photographic style of Richard Le Manz, photographs full of philosophy, photography to philosophize, to think.

The exhibition “Philography” presented here is a small part of two projects of the artist. On the one hand the project “Habitat, beyond photography”, and on the other the project “In our hands”. Different projects but with a coinciding soul, the reflection about the protection and respect of the environment, of our habitat.

Richard started his research and photographic work approaching the most sublime landscapes of the planet, looking for the beauty and grandeur of nature, using photography as a means to transmit that beauty, that natural fragility, sensitize, raise awareness and try to show the need for preservation. But the artist is not sure that this is the best way to move and move the human being that we each have inside, not sure that is the best way to try to change the values and morals of the viewer.

The artist tries to reach a little beyond, not only captivate the senses without also with the intention of exciting the intelligence of the viewer.

Visual reflections in which the beauty and simplicity of the composition come together, but more interested in the suggestion, in the idea, in the occult, in what goes beyond photography; seeking to provoke reflection and move the consciousness of the spectator.

In the first of the projects, “Habitat, beyond photography”, Richard, using his background as engineer in the automotive field, works whit the internal elements of the explosion engine and other everyday elements, creating objectified constructions, creating scenarios, creating visual metaphors where these elements tell another story, their own history and find other meanings very different almost opposed for those that were initially created.

In the second of the projects, “In our hands” Richard uses multiple exposure in-camera to create images that try to show a stubborn reality, we are nature and the future of it is in our hands.