Northern Uganda

Brian Hodges

The Exhibition

Conflict and violence have plagued much of Uganda since its independence in 1962. The most protracted of these conflicts. the insurgency against the Lord’s Resistance Army, lasted nearly 18 years. Nearly 2 million people were forcibly displaced and confined into settlements and tens of thousands were kid­napped, mutilated or killed. The conflict eventually ceased; In 2007 Lord’s Resis­tance Army retreated from northern Uganda.

Today, a decade after the end of hostilities, the region appears rejuvenated — a bustling trade and business centre with buildings shooting up and a renewed sense of optimism.

The Photographer

A seasoned collaborator and worldwide traveller, Brian Hodges is a travel documentary and editorial photographer known for capturing authentic moments and images with a powerful connection to place. Brian believes that great photography is not just about captivating images, but creating images with lasting emotional impact. In love with travel and the lure of the road, he has followed the winds of adventure around the globe and across 60 countries. Brian speaks English, French, and Spanish fluently.

“I’m an insatiably curious explorer trying to understand the world outside my comfort zone.”

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