Mursi Tribe

Isa Ebrahim

The Exhibition

The Mursi tribe is one of the wealthiest of the Omo Valley tribes, due to the number of cattle it owns. Mursi people have been known for their tall, strong bodies and aggressive behaviour. The Mursi men often wear a piece of cloth tied at the shoulder; women wear a similar custom but of cloth or goatskin. All Mursi men and women decorate their heads with drawings and inscriptions after shaving their hair. For beauty purposes, Mursi women place large plates of clay in their lower lips and wooden plates in the ears or tattoo their chests. As for Men of the tribe, tattoo marks on the left shoulders are a sign of reaching puberty.

The Photographer

Isa Ebrahim, born in 1979 Kingdom of Bahrain, began photography in 1993 and then worked as a photojournalist in several newspapers and magazines in the Kingdom of Bahrain from 1999 to 2016, and worked as a photographer for the company (Rameses Engineering) industrial photographer. Photographer (Lagardere Sports is) the advertising sponsor of the Asian Football Confederation in Bahrain. He is currently a freelance photographer,  He has been Vice President of the Bahrain Photographic Society since its establishment in 2015.

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Seminars & Talks

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