Mosul: Saving Lives on the Frontline

Claire Thomas

The Exhibition

In one of the deadliest urban battles since World War II, the war to liberate Mosul took a heavy toll on the residents of Iraq’s second-largest city. Thousands of civilians endured months of trauma, suffering and fear, held hostage by the battle between ISIL militants and Iraqi Security Forces backed by US-led coalition forces.

As Iraqi troops pushed forward through the densely populated streets of west Mosul in the summer of 2017, many civilians escaped the fighting in a state of critical malnutrition after surviving months without enough food and water. Others suffered from old and infected wounds that had been left untreated due to lack of access to medical assistance.

The Photographer

Claire Thomas is a freelance photojournalist and photographer from Wales, UK, whose work focuses on conflict, humanitarian and social issues.

Between 2016 and June 2019 Claire was based in northern Iraq covering the country’s efforts to defeat ISIS and recover from decades of conflict. During the final liberation of the city of Mosul, she worked on the frontlines photographing the work of volunteer medical professionals as they provided emergency pre-hospital treatment to civilians and military personnel injured in the fighting.

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