I am Light

Gabriel Wickbold

Gabriel Wickbold seeks inspiration in the contemporary human being and in everyday issues such as sustainability, ageing, the relationship of dependence with technology, sexuality, female empowerment, and others.

The work mixes photographic techniques with the already traditional construction of human installations, made through the painting of models and applications of various elements, such as the glitter. The result is true to colour bursts that transform the camera into an aura reader, capable of reproducing that intensity that the photographer wants to demonstrate in his series.

Gabriel knows that being able to express himself through the complexity of the image is fundamental and that remaining in the unconscious of people should be the purpose of every artist. With a very high-performance visual effect, their photographs are loaded with themes and questions, and so much more than just attract the look by the extravagant hues: they play with the border between fantasy and reality in a way so authoritarian that it became a signature.