Eye Contact

Mogens Trolle

The Exhibition

This exhibition zooms in on the faces and eyes of our closest relatives, the other primates. They are highly intelligent, aware and empathic. And they have emotions very similar to ours and the same number of facial muscles to express their emotions with as we do. All this leads to an endless variety of facial ‘micro-expressions’, many recognizable, some quite alien. Not only does each species have its own characteristics, each individual has its own character. Capturing the unique personalities of primates in the wild has been the aim of Mogens Trolle’s photographic project “Primate Eye Contact”.

The Photographer

Mogens Trolle is a Danish zoologist turned wildlife photographer. He has worked with wildlife for over 25 years and on all seven continents. After having conducted mammal research in South America for a period of years he became a dedicated wildlife photographer and has photographed mammals extensively in Africa and Asia for more than a decade.



Seminars & Talks

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