Muhammed Muheisen

The Exhibition

There are so many stories never been told and many voices never been heard. It is my responsibility to be out there searching for these untold stories to document and share with the world. If something happened and was never documented, it is like it never occurred. Over a decade and a half of my life searching for that. When I’m telling their stories, I’m going through the story of my life. They are part of my life as I am part of theirs.

The Photographer

Muhammed Muheisen is a Jordanian national who was born in Jerusalem in 1981, graduated with a B.A. degree in journalism and political science.  is a world-renowned photographer. A two-time Pulitzer Prize-winner, a National Geographic Photographer, founder and chairman of the Dutch non-profit organization Everyday Refugees Foundation, Global Ambassador for Jordan Tourism Board, Royal Jordanian Airlines and Canon.



Seminars & Talks

The Auditorium is a dedicated space designed using the highest technical standards, for hosting Photographer and photography talks and Live Stage events. Entry to the Auditorium is free of charge with ticketing available.