Heavens and Earth

Samy Olabi

The Exhibition

A conceptual journey through Space & Time re-imagined through different forms of visual arts. A journey through the valleys and deserts of UAE & Egypt from south to north. The Portfolio reflects the versatility and the beauty of landscapes under the majestic starry skies.

The Photographer

Samy Al Olabi, Egyptian Syrian multi-award-winning photographer who is currently based in Dubai UAE. Inspired by his love for nature and night skies, he reaches for the stars from the dark corners of Arabia.

Astronomy, Arts and Adventure were his greatest passion since he was a child, When he grew up and took Construction Management as a source of living, his devotion and commitment to his passion eventually led him to where he is right now. His body of work in astrophotography is regarded as one of the best in the region and a true category benchmark.



Seminars & Talks

The Auditorium is a dedicated space designed using the highest technical standards, for hosting Photographer and photography talks and Live Stage events. Entry to the Auditorium is free of charge with ticketing available.