Andrew Semark

The Exhibition

Bombora is an Australian Indigenous term for an area of large waves breaking over shallow reef. This exhibition is from a life spent at sea documenting the wild and ever-changing tempestuous movements of the ocean.

The size and shape of bombora waves make them attractive to surfers willing to take the risk of riding what is generally considered a hazardous pursuit and photographing them brings the added danger due to lack of Peripheral vision. These water formations can pose a significant danger even in good weather as a bombora may not be identified because they may not always have breaking waves, but undercurrents are immensely strong.

The Photographer

Andrew Semark is an Australian fine art photographer who captures images of the ocean in its raw, natural and powerful beauty.

Andrew’s love for the ocean first began when he started surfing at the age of 8 years old. As the years went on, the ocean became his happy place. A place where he would spend his time surfing, fishing, diving and just exploring as much of it as he could.  An interest in cameras and photography came when Andrew was still a teenager.


Seminars & Talks

The Auditorium is a dedicated space designed using the highest technical standards, for hosting Photographer and photography talks and Live Stage events. Entry to the Auditorium is free of charge with ticketing available.