James Nachtwey

The Exhibition

Each photograph in this exhibition is a fragment of memory, captured within the continuum of the history I experienced. Each image was intended to reach a mass audience at the time the events were taking place, as a way of raising public consciousness; one element among many in the process of change. Now, as that same continuum moves relentlessly forward, and the events themselves recede in time, I hope these pictures will stand as a remembrance of the people in them, of the conditions they endured and of how those conditions came to be. As we share these memories, we bear witness together.

The Photographer

James Nachtwey is an American Photographer that has dedicated his career to documenting wars and critical social issues. Motivated by the belief that public awareness is an essential element in the process of change and that photographs of the war in the mass media can become a kind of intervention on behalf of peace, he has covered conflicts worldwide. In Europe, he documented the breakup of the former Yugoslavia, the war in Chechnya, and civil unrest in Northern Ireland.


Opening June 2021

Fine Art Photography

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