Tribal Muses - The Avant-Garde of the tribal world

Biljana Jurukovski

The Exhibition

In between Ethiopia and South Sudan is where the Avant-Garde of the tribal world is found. This is where rivers wind through dry grasslands – there are flora and fauna, with water supporting abundant flowers and wild fruit trees. This is where nature instigates and invites spontaneous creativity. Within hand’s reach flourishes plants, branches, horns and more – inspiring art, imagination, and self-expression. Civilization here is among the most ancient, mystical and exotic in the world.

This portfolio serializes the stories of the Surma tribe – a people who are as creative as they are proud. Their bodies are canvases, the valleys their catwalk, mother earth their designer of haute couture.

The Photographer

Biljana Jurukovski born and raised in Prilep, Republic of Macedonia is a Multi-Award Winning Photographer who has been inspired and amazed by the diverse and beautiful expressions of different cultures. Biljana’s passion is travelling to remote destinations to learn about the cultures and traditions of indigenous people and to photograph them.

Biljana’s portraits are a culmination of her passion, love and respect for people; they depict a graceful world where strength and pride are engraved on the faces of the people photographed.


Opening June 2021

Fine Art Photography

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