The Apocalypse According to Venus and other provocative Nature disruptions

Samuel Feron

The Exhibition

A selection of works by Daniel Kordan from pole to pole showing the beauty and magic of our planet nature. These photos are meant to inspire people with the diversity and fragility of our planet. From dancing trees of Indonesia to icebergs of Greenland and Antarctica.

The Photographer

Samuel Feron has been photographing Nature for 2 decades, exploring remote and sparsely habited areas all over the world. He tries to go beyond what the eyes first see, assuming that Nature has secrets in itself. His camera was initially thought as a tool to explore land but has become, as the years went by, like a headlamp searching the raw diamonds he will polish as jewels.

Samuel has produced around 10 Collections, each gathering images around a specific thematic he associates to the places he travels.


Opening June 2021

Fine Art Photography

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