Tamed Tuskers

Senthil Kumaran Rajendran

The Exhibition

A rapid growth in India’s development and the human population has drastically reduced the forest vegetation at a devastating rate of 1.5 million hectares in the last 20 years. Such anthropogenic pressure within and around elephant habitats has also led to the loss of their traditional corridors of movement. Surviving in the fragmented habitat that they have at their disposal in India today, necessitates them to cross the human-dominated landscapes.

The Photographer

Senthil Kumaran is an independent visual storyteller from South India. He holds an engineering degree in Computer Science but an immense interest in visual arts from his childhood led him to pursue a full-time career in photography. His works focused on social, environmental issues with a personal approach. Over the past 8 years, his work has turned into Environmental & Wildlife Projects.


Seminars & Talks

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