Soon to be Gone

Tadas Kazakevicius

The Exhibition

As far back as in the 1930s, during the times of the Great Depression in the United States, a group of photographers such as Walker Evans, Dorothea Lange and Jack Delano, led by Roy Stryker, head of the Farm Security Administration (FSA), kept restlessly recording views which were soon destined to fade into obscurity. The continuous migration of people moving around in search of easier conditions of life was relentlessly changing the demographical map of the States: homesteads, villages, small towns were disappearing right before the eyes. All this was photographed and put into extensive archives – the effort of those photographers proved not to have been in vain.

The Photographer

Tadas Kazakevicius is a 36-years-old Lithuanian documentary photographer. With 12-years photography experience, the past ten have been dedicated to the humanistic approach by telling people stories. Tadas is a great admirer of analogue photography and mostly works with medium and large formats. After living 5 years in the United Kingdom, London he returned back to Lithuania 8-years ago where he is now intensively interested in telling stories of social and humanistic issues that happen there.


Opening May 2021

Fine Art Photography

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