Ana Caroline de Lima

The Exhibition

Immemorial inhabitants of Juruena river basin in the state of Mato Grosso in Brazil, Rikbaktsa people remained unknown to “Brazilian society’ until half of 20th century, when Brazilian government and rubber tappers from America and Europe invaded indigenous territories at the Amazon Basin, interested in rubber extraction, industrial processing and related activities.

The Rikbaktsa were seen as fierce warriors by other indigenous groups as they have been in war with all neighbouring ethnicities such as Cinta Larga and Pareci.

The Photographer

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Ana Caroline de Lima is an award-winning documentary photographer, writer and visual anthropologist known for her work with traditional cultures around the globe. She believes that cultural and social immersion plays a crucial role in the documentary process and this lead her to live and work in communities such as the Rajasthani in India, the Quechua in Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru, the Black Hmong in Vietnam and many indigenous communities in Brazil such as the Rikbaktsa, Yawalapiti and Xavante.


Opening June 2021

Fine Art Photography

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