Plastic! An Enemy?

António Bernardino Coelho

The Exhibition

These days, we are often bombarded with news about plastic-related pollution. In the last few years, we have come to realize that this material, which is still important, has an impact on animal life, on human beings, on water, whether it be seas, oceans or rivers and on land. The possibility of finding plastic in certain more remote places, which until recently proved to be almost impossible, is now possible, we have plastic in the deepest points of the oceans and some animal life already assimilates it in its food. Science shows that tiny particles of nano plastic are suspended in rain droplets.

The Photographer

António Bernardino Coelho is an amateur photographer born and raised in Recarei, Porto, Portugal. From an early age, he was interested in Art and throughout his childhood, the interest grew into a stronger passion for the arts. Although António studied electrical engineering he knew his destiny was elsewhere. The taste for photography emerged in 2010 during a trip to Cuba.


Opening June 2021

Fine Art Photography

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