Legacy of War

Giles Duley

The Exhibition

Legacy of War is a photographic project by the photographer Giles Duley exploring the long-term effects of conflict globally. More specifically, Legacy of War documents the lasting impact of war on individuals and communities told through the stories of those living in its aftermath.

With the mainstream media firmly focussed on the short-term economic and political consequences of conflict, LoW is concerned with the human and the person behind the story. It explores the local landscapes and everyday lives of those affected by conflict – often decades after peace treaties have been signed – and raises issues that are often neglected by mainstream news and history.

The Photographer

Duley is a documentary photographer and writer, born in 1971 in London. His work focuses on the long-term humanitarian impact of conflict.

Starting his carer as a music photographer, Duley worked with the likes of Mariah Carey, Oasis and Lenny Kravitz for publications including Q, Vogue, Sunday Times and Elle. In 2000 his image of Marilyn Manson was voted amongst the 100 greatest rock photographs of all time.

In 2004 Duley changed his focus to documentary work, partnering with well-respected charities such as HI (Humanity and Inclusion), EMERGENCY, Save the Children and UNHCR to highlight lesser-known stories deserving of public attention and action.

Although documenting challenging, and at times, horrific situations, Giles captures the strength of those who fight adversity rather than succumb. His photographs draw the viewer to the subject, creating intimacy and empathy for lives differing from ours only in circumstance.


Opening September 2021

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