Hijacked Education

Diego Ibarra Sánchez

The Exhibition

Hijacked Education is an ongoing photographic project documenting the lives of children affected by war and armed conflict in Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Ukraine and Colombia. Violence doesn’t have borders and its consequences are wiping out years of history and culture.

Conflicts leave deep scars on the psyche of children all over the world, highlighting the importance of education in the hope to create a future that could break the cycle of war. The war is not finished with the last bullet or the empty bullet shell, or when the flag is raised

The Photographer

Diego Ibarra Sánchez is an awarded documentary photographer and filmmaker based in Lebanon after being based in Pakistan for 5 years. Sánchez assumes a very critical stance regarding the use of images in our own society, defining this historical moment as «lobotomized era of “tourism” on the other’s pain»: in his work he endeavours to ensure that photography is no longer merely a window allowing a view on what happens in the world, but becomes a means to raise questions and generate reflections.



Opening June 2021

Fine Art Photography

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