Falconry and the Arab Influence

Brent Stirton

The Exhibition

This essay attempts to illustrate the resurgence of falcons and modern falconry through the efforts of the Arabian world. It begins with wild Saker falcons in the mountains of Mongolia then moves on to a glimpse of over 5000 artificial nesting sites on the Mongolian Steppe. These are sponsored by Abu Dhabi and have done much to save falcons on migration through Mongolia. The devastating effect of poorly designed power lines on raptors around the world are also sadly on display. The single image of over 300 rare and dead Saker falcons, collected from only one 100-kilometre section over the course of a year, speaks volumes. There is no greater threat to birds globally, yet this is easily fixed with a small and cheap adaptor on the line.

The Photographer

Brent Stirton is a South African Photographer with an extensive history in the documentary world. Brent’s work has been published by National Geographic Magazine, GEO, Le Figaro, Le Monde, Vanity Fair, Newsweek, Time, The New York Times Magazine, The UK Sunday Times Magazine and many other respected international titles.

He has worked for WWF, CNN, the Ford, Clinton and Gates Foundations, the Nike Foundation and the World Economic Forum. Brent also shoots regular reports for Human Rights Watch. He has done numerous commercial assignments including annual reports for Novartis.


Opening June 2021

Fine Art Photography

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