Chris de Bode

The Exhibition

In this project, the doorbell is a much more important button than the shutter release on my camera. When someone opens, the contact is initiated. I make contact. And take pictures. None of the photos was pre-produced. Everything depended on the moment. I did not know what a child would say, nor how we would then depict the dream. With only the simplest materials at hand, we had to make it work.

This project has been the biggest challenge in my career as a photographer. Every time: one child, one dream, one photo. My goal is to make people more sensitive to the world around them. I hope the stories of the open-hearted children will do just that.

The Photographer

Dutch-born Chris de Bode’s path in life started with a dream. On his way to primary school, he always passed the camera shop in town. By the age of 10, he could advise people which camera to buy. In his early twenties, he was still searching for a purpose in life, until he remembered the camera shop. He decided to buy his first camera. As a mountaineer, he took his first pictures. Following a trip to Palestine, he decided to focus his work on humanitarian issues.

Chris has now has travelled to over 90 countries, meeting people and collecting stories. When you understand a person from a personal point of view and understand the context in which they live, it is much easier to connect with them. And that is his goal – to make people more sensitive to the world around them.


Opening September 2021

Fine Art Photography

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