Ashok Verma

The Exhibition

This is a visual story to showcase how a country turns into a battlefield, not to fight any nation but to combat a pandemic spread. The fight is against an invisible virus, to safeguard the human race and to stop the further spread of Covid-19 coronavirus in Sharjah, UAE.

Working as a photojournalist for Dubai Media Inc. I covered the first( 26th March 2020) and the third day(28th March 2020) of a three-day National Sterilization as a precautionary measure to stop further spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

The Photographer

Ashok Verma was Born and raised in Delhi, India grew up with a passion for the Arts. Against his parents wishes for him to become a Doctor. Ashok graduated from Delhi University with a degree in Retailing and Trade but had the intention to pursue the Arts.

Verma began his photographic career in 1995 with no formal training, no mentor and no business sense. The inclination and passion toward the Arts led him into photography with the sole dream in his young eyes, to become an Advertising & Fashion photographer. Without a mentor and any experience, Verma accepted that a long struggle was inevitable.



Opening June 2021

Fine Art Photography

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