Robin Hammond

The Exhibition

Robin Hammond has been using mental health stories to influence governments, inter-governmental organisations and corporations to bring about an end to chaining and support people with mental health conditions. He has also run multiple campaigns to directly free people from their chains and provide them with the support they need to live free from stigma, discrimination and abuse.

In January 2011 Robin Hammond was on assignment in South Sudan when he saw a girl with a disability begging on the roadside. He asked his driver what support there was for people with mental health conditions and intellectual disabilities in the country. “We put them in prison,” the driver replied.

The Photographer

Robin Hammond studied photography in, New Zealand, his country of birth. His early career was spent in the United Kingdom. Later he moved to South Africa for several years, then France before returning to the UK where he is currently based.

In 2014 he founded Witness Change, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing human rights through visual story telling. While he continues to work for international magazines and not for profit organisations, most of his career is dedicated to amplifying narratives of marginalised groups through long term visual storytelling projects through Witness Change.


Opening June 2021

Fine Art Photography

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