Combat Boots, Rifles & Diamonds

Emma Francis

The Exhibition

Hidden in the secluded south-western Lebanese town of Naqoura – just a few miles from the nearest Israeli town – lies the United Nations Interim force in Lebanon (UNIFIL). Established in 1978, the goal was to restore international peace and security, confirm the withdrawal of Israeli forces from Lebanon, and help maintain authority in the area. Since then, thousands of people have joined to maintain and further peace, but when you look at the current numbers of both military and civilian peacekeepers combined, only about 6.7% of these are women.

The Photographer

Emma Francis is a British-American who grew up in a rural, mountainous town in Eastern Oregon. Her small-town upbringing instilled many values in her, but the biggest ones she has carried with her through her travels are appreciation towards nature and interest for people. Emma’s childhood consisted of hiking, camping, and exploring the world around her uninhibited. She has had the desire to learn all her life and brought this innate curiosity with her to Washington State University. Emma studied psychology and fine arts for one year before embarking on her first solo adventure to Iceland.


Opening June 2021

Fine Art Photography

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