Cities of Happiness

Abdalla Albuqaish

The Exhibition

The diversity of buildings and the beauty of the architectural design in the cities of UAE had a beautiful effect on my choice of cityscape photography. selections of the most beautiful buildings, angles and their rooftops. The choice of days and distinct timing always gave pictures a different kind of colour and spirit to work

Finding new buildings for photography is always a new challenge, the towering towers that embrace the sky, watching the horizon, the different degrees of colour, the clouds the magic of the sunlight at sunset between the clouds, what a breathtaking view, which I always try to convey and enjoy through photography.

The Photographer

Abdulla Albuqaish was born in the Emirate of Sharjah in 1986 and graduated from the Higher Colleges of Technology. Photography has been one of Albuqais’s passions since 2008. Abdulla is specialized in taking photos of Cityscapes.  He has also participated in numerous exhibitions both regionally and internationally and been the recipient of numerous awards.

Opening June 2021

Fine Art Photography

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