Andrew Semark

The Exhibition

Bombora is an Australian Indigenous term for an area of large waves breaking over shallow reef. This exhibition is from a life spent at sea documenting the wild and ever-changing tempestuous movements of the ocean. Andrew’s aim is to capture the ocean in its true and natural form and without the need for heavy post-processing. He uses his deep knowledge of Oceanography and wave patterns along with his seasoned knowledge of camera techniques, the right ocean conditions and ideal natural lighting to simultaneously showcase the ferocity, unpredictability and calming purity of the ocean.

The Photographer

Andrew Semark is an Australian fine art photographer who captures images of the ocean in its raw, natural and powerful beauty. Andrew’s love for the ocean first began when he started surfing at the age of 8 years old. As the years went on, the ocean became his happy place. A place where he would spend his time surfing, fishing, diving and just exploring as much of it as he could. An interest in cameras and photography came when Andrew was still a teenager. He experimented with film cameras and enjoyed capturing the beauty in the world around him. It was a little later, around the age of 24 when these two passions combined, and he took his first photo in the ocean.


Opening June 2021

Fine Art Photography

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