Birth of a Nation

George Rodger

The Exhibition

In 1952 King Farouk of Egypt was deposed under a program to dismantle feudalism and end British influence in Egypt.

The geo-political ramifications were a tinder box, igniting inter-tribal and national rivalries across the Middle East. George Rodger made his epic voyage in 1952 travelling throughout the Middle East from Cairo to Iraq.

Rodger’s stunning and epic imagery captures the Arab League working to quell unrest using mechanised Desert Patrols manned by Bedouin Arabs; The Camel Corps, on manoeuvres in the desert, and The King’s Guard Regiment of the Arab Legion on their pure white Arabian horses.

The Photographer

Born in Hale, Cheshire, of Scottish and German descent, Rodger went to school at St. Bees School in Cumberland. He joined the British Merchant Navy and sailed around the world.

While sailing, Rodger wrote accounts of his travels and taught himself photography to illustrate his travelogues. He was unable to get his travel writing published; after a short spell in the United States, where he failed to find work during the Depression, Rodger returned to Britain in 1936. In London, he found work as a photographer for the BBC’s The Listener magazine. In 1938 he had a brief stint working for the Black Star Agency.


Opening September 2021

Fine Art Photography

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