A Fragile World

Florian Ledoux

The Arctic and Antarctica are both facing a range of quick changes. These regions are clearly challenging place to live, but few animals that make it their home adapted to face the extreme temperature, high winds during the rough winters. The exhibition reveals and celebrate the beauty of its incredible wildlife living at the edge of the ice, powerful but yet, fragile.

In addition, the second part of the exhibition is based on aerial images. I believe in and aspire to, bring a new perspective of capturing wildlife we already know. I am convinced that these images allow us to observe and document their behaviors from a new angle and approach, revealing the animals in their entirety as well as in a wider habitat and landscape, in a way not before possible. It is a new way of learning about the white northern and southern parts of our planet.

Photography and video are both extremely powerful tools that can help us to reconnect Human to Nature.